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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Get Ready With Me | Pink and Gold Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hope everyone is enjoying their week, last Wednesday I went with my sister to the MAC Maker meet and greet for Jamie Genevieve and Patricia Bright's MAC Collaboration and thought I would film a Get Ready With Me. This also doubles as an Eyeshadow tutorial as I did something a little different. It wasn't as heavy on the eyes as the tutorials I've done in the past, if you're looking for something similar but a bit more dramatic you should check out my Bronze Cut Crease Tutorial.  This look made me realise I really need to stock up on some pink eyeshadows so I've ordered the Anastasia Beverley Hills Norvina Palette and will upload a look using the palette next week! Hope you enjoy this video x

I started the video with my eyebrows already done and underlined with concealer and then I primed my eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion in the shade Eden (I prefer this shade as it provides good coverage). I blended this out with a Beauty Blender.


I didn't set the primer with powder as I wanted a good colour pay off. I started by running the shade 'Transition' from the Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette through my crease. I only used a light hand as the main colour I wanted in my crease was a pinky shade. For the pink I used a blush from a NYX London Gift Palette (I don't think this is currently on sale as it was a Christmas gift). It was during this video that I realised I don't own enough pink eyeshadows. I then used 'Venetian Red' from the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette to deepen the pink shade in my crease. I went back in with the NYX colour to blend it all into my lid before I cut the crease to form a spotlight eye. To create that I took the same Urban Decay Primer Potion and cut my crease in the centre of my eyelid making sure it did not cover the entire lid. I then took the shade 'Toffee' from the Violet Voss Palette and pushed this into the area I created with the primer. I then used the MAC pigment 'Melon' and applied this by spraying FIX+ on my brush beforehand so that the pigment was super sparkly. Then going back in with the NYX shade I blended the edges of the cut crease. I then took the shade 'Wine n Dine' from the Violet Voss Palette along my lash line so that my lashes would blend a little better. Then I curled my eyelashes and applied Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara before adding Unicorn Cosmetic 'Aurora Queen' Lashes. I went back in after I had done my blush to add the NYX pink shade and the ABH Venetian Red underneath my eyes. I then completed my eyes by curling the lashes and adding mascara to both my top and bottom lashes.


I started my face by prepping my skin with Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer and followed this with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in the Shade 6.5. I like to used both a brush and a beauty blender to apply my foundation as I think this makes it look smoother and more natural. Following that I added concealer (Tarte Shape Tape in Light Neutral) and then contoured using a Make Up Forever Foundation Stick. I then set my face using Huda Beauty Easy Bake Powder in the shade Banana Bread. I let the powder sit for a couple of minutes then dusted it off and added bronzer and blush. I used the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and NARS Orgasm blush. I then sprayed my face with FIX+ before adding highlighter. For highlighter I used Becca Moonstone as I felt the warm gold colour complimented the eye look best. I set my eyebrows with Anastasia Beverley Hills Clear Brow Setter.


For Lips today I used a Combination of MAC Whirl Liner and NYX Cabo Matte Lip Cream. Obviously this changed when I picked up my MAC Maker Lipstick. I chose the Jamie Genevieve shade as I prefer a cooler nude but will definitely be going back for Patricia's shade. 


Wednesday, 15 August 2018

My Top 5 Highlighters


Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a good week. 
This week I am going to be sharing my favourite Highlighters with you. Highlighters, in my opinion, are one of the most exciting products in my make up bag. It was actually hard to not just choose 5 Fenty Highlighters as I love them all so much however I thought it best to stick to everyday/wearable highlighters and ones which have been my favourites for a long time.

1. Lets Start with Fenty. An all time favourite of mine is also a cult favourite; Trophy Wife! When this came out everyone jumped on it and I was a little wary of whether I could pull it off but I love it! This was the first Fenty Product I purchased and I'm so glad I did.
Highlighter Swatch

2. Surprise, Surprise another Fenty Highlighter! Mean Money/ Hustla Baby is well love by me and I have pretty much run out. I only use the Hustla Baby side (the one I have swatched) and it is an amazing everyday highlighter. I just wish Fenty stocked a single of Hustla Baby as this is the side I have used the most.
Hustla Baby Highlighter

3. The third is another well known fave, Becca Moonstone. Becca highlighters are incredible and I hope to try more as I've heard amazing things about the other shades. Its a super fine shimmer and slightly creamy formula which I love as it means no chunky glitter. It is perfect for everyday but can be built up to a blinding glow.
Becca Moonstone Swatch

4. An oldy but a goody! MAC Soft and Gentle. This was the first highlighter I ever bought way before highlighting was so popular and people used to ask my why I had shiny lines on my cheeks. Its a super cute pale pinky shade and is quite glittery. I hardly ever use it any more as there are so many new ones around however whenever I go back to it I remember why I loved it so much.
Soft and Gentle Highlighter

5. Last but not least, my current everyday highlighter; Stila Heavens Hue Highlighter in the Shade Kitten. I bought this last year after the hype around these new 'putty' highlighters and it is incredible. I bought it as a novelty however the putty/wet formula means it is so luminous without being glittery at all, it makes your skin look so glowy and healthy, its a perfect everyday highlighter, I love it.
Putty Highlighter swatch


Bronze Cut Crease Tutorial

I've decided to include tutorials as something separate from my weekly posts as I know they aren't everyones cup of tea but they are one of my favourite things to do.
In this tutorial I show you how I created a bronze cut crease.
Hope you enjoy.

I started this look by covering my lid in the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer and blending it with my Beauty Blender. Then, without setting the primer, I packed on a mixture of 'Saffron' and 'Oud' from the Huda Desert Dusk Palette into the crease, then I blended this out used a fluffy brush and 'Blazing' from the same palette. To cut my crease I used the same primer from earlier. I used a flat brush to create an exaggerated cute crease. I then (again without setting the primer) used 3 Bronze metallic shades from the Heavy Metals Palette going from the lightest to darkest to the outer corner. After I had added the metallic shades I blended it all a little more with the shade 'Oud' so that it wasn't as harsh. To create the illusion of a thicker lash line I used the same shade on my lash line. I then took the shades; 'Blazing', 'Amber' and 'Oud' underneath my eye and smoked it out.
After I finished the eyeshadow I added lashes and then did my skin. If you would like a face routine I can include one next time!

Products Used:
Tarte Shape Tape - Light Neutral
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer (Eden)
Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette
Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Unicorn Cosmetics Peachy Pie Lashes


Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Instagram Style Cut Crease

This week I've attempted an 'Instagram style' Cut Crease. I'm sure we've all seen many looks like the one I've created on various Instagram posts, it seems to be such a popular look at the moment and one I've not attempted before. I always stick to a simple warm brown smokey eye however I thought for this weeks post I would try something a little different. Hope you enjoy the video!
All Products Listed Below.

Full Product List:

Tarte Shape Tape - Light Neutral
Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
NYX Eyeshadow Base - White
MAC Gesso Eyeshadow
MAC Rule Eyeshadow
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Unicorn Cosmetics Peachy Pie Lashes
NYX White Liquid Liner

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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Holy Grail Skincare

Getting new skincare is my favourite past time, possibly even more so than getting new make up. I find it so luxurious and I think it is so important, especially as someone who wears make up almost everyday it is so important to me to keep my skin healthy. I have struggled with acne in the past so I take great pride in my skincare routine. The products in this post are some of my all time faves which I think really make a difference in my routine!
One thing I really struggle with is acne scars and hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks, so I am constantly looking for ways to tackle this issue. So far the best products for me have been in the Kiehls Clearly Corrective Range. The Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution was the first ever product I bought from Kiehls and I was sceptical as to whether it would be worth the money, but I can honestly say it is worth every penny. Within a few days I could really see a difference in my skin and my scars were already fading. 

Kiehls Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution

I then invested in the Clearly Corrective Clarity-Activating Toner as I needed a new toner and having had such a good experience with the Dark Spot Solution I thought it would be a good purchase, and I was right. I've found that the toner really compliments the Solution and they work wonders together. Immediately I could see my skin being clearer and brighter and I found it even did a brilliant job of clearing up any active blemishes. For a toner it is quite pricey however it is 100% worth it.

Kiehls Clearly Corrective™ Clarity-Activating Toner

Sticking with Kiehls; The Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate is probably something you have heard of before. This product is incredible! I was always worried about putting an oil on my skin as I have combination/oily skin. However it is amazing, every morning after I use the concentrate my skin looks so healthy and smooth. I find it makes my make up go on like a dream the next day!
Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate 
Lets move on to something I often mix with the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. The Tan-Luxe Face Illuminating Self Tan Drops. If I have fake tanned my body I don't like to use a regular tan on my face as I worry that it is going to clog my pores and cause breakouts. Instead I add 3-4 drops of Tan Luxe to my Midnight Recovery Concentrate and push it into my skin. In the morning my face is tanned and glowy without causing breakouts or clogged pores. You have to be careful to blend it into your hairline, ears and neck so its all even.
TAN-LUXE The Face 
One thing which I think is so important in anyones skincare routine is Hyaluronic Acid. I'm currently using The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid and it just makes my skin so hydrated without being greasy. It leaves it feeling super plump and hydrated. I actually prefer the Glossier Super Bounce as a Hyaluronic Acid serum however it is more pricy and pretty much does the same job. I prefer the consistency of the Glossier serum as it is thinner and less sticky.
The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid
Speaking of Hyaluronic acid, my favourite moisturiser of all time has to be the Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream. It contains hyaluronic aid making it super hydrating but not greasy in the slightest. It is super light and amazing under make up which is why I love it so much as it just sinks into the skin so quick and leaves it super plump.
Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream
Last but definitely not least; The Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel. I actually bought this product not knowing what it was. I knew it contained retinol but I didn't know how powerful it actually was. This product is amazing! I use it twice a week and every morning after I use it I wake up and my skin is so smooth and so healthy looking. I did find after a couple of weeks I did have peeling skin but if you can live with that for a few days the benefits are incredible. It does tingle when you apply it which I actually love as I know its working! This is another product which has worked wonders for my acne scars. 
Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

Beth xo 

Monday, 30 July 2018

Coming Soon...

I've been thinking a lot recently about the content I want to create and include on my blog and I have decided to be completely honest and say that I am not happy with the quality of the content I have been creating.

That being said, I have decided that in order to tackle this issue I am going to begin by creating a schedule for myself. I am going to challenge myself to be consistent; positing two posts a week. 

 I am going to aim to have new content every Wednesday. I have also decided to start doing some monthly posts about what I have been up to. I imagine these posts to include some updates on my life and also new products/clothes etc that I have been enjoying or even just new ones I have tried. I hope that having a clear picture in my mind of the content I want to put out there I will be able to put aside time to really create my best work.

So stay tuned!

Beth xo 

Friday, 27 July 2018

Get Ready With Me - VIDEO

Get Ready With Me for a Night Out...
In this video I show you how I prepared and got ready for an evening out. It includes how I did my hair and make up.

Full Product List After Video.

I went for a Red Lip in this look as that is something I hardly ever do and I really liked how it turned out. 

This is the first video I've made so please excuse the many times I go out of frame.. I tried my best!

Hope you Enjoy!




Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette (I dropped the palette and put the colours back in the wrong place so it won't look the same)


MAC Russian Red Lipstick

Disclaimer: Some of the above links are affiliate links.

Beth xo


Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Holidaying on The French Riviera

Hey, sorry I've been M.I.A recently I've been super busy (thats a lie).
I've been struggling for motivation and ideas for my blog. I've just graduated and I'm waiting around to start a Masters Degree in September but rather than being productive I've been wasting my days waiting for Love Island to come on the TV. However I've got a lot of exciting content planned, including some hauls and even some videos.

For now, enjoy some pics from my holiday...

A couple of weeks ago I went to the South of France for a break. I went to Cannes, Nice and Monaco.
We began the trip in Cannes, where we spent two nights before catching the train to Nice, where we spent another two nights. We also visited Monaco for the day and saw all the sights including the Monté Carlo Casino.

Cannes was the quietest of all the places we visited and had quite a calm atmosphere, whilst we were here we just lounged on the beach and visited as many café's and restaurants as we could.
Here are some pictures from Cannes.

Now onto Nice!

And then some from our Day Trip to Monaco!

Hope you enjoyed these Holiday Snaps. I'll be back with lots of exciting content soon!
Beth xo


Friday, 1 June 2018

BEACH PLEASE - New Fenty Beauty

On Saturday I managed to pick up some of the new Fenty Beauty collection 'Beach Please', I got two of the Kilowatt Foils and one Lip Trio. I have tried Fenty in the past and loved everything, especially the highlighters, and have been so excited to try the new collection.
I have been waiting to get my hands on the 'Mimosa Sunrise/Sangria Sunset' Highlighter since Rihanna debuted it in her Vogue video (which you should watch if you haven't already) and couldn't resist buying the other items. I had to stop myself buying it all!
Ever since I bought them I have been dying to use them, so though this would be a perfect opportunity to show you these new products.
I created two looks using the different Killawatt Foils that I picked up. In addition to the one I mentioned earlier I also got 'Poolside/7DayWknd' which has a Pale Lavender and Pale Blue Highlight Duo. 
For the first look I used Sangria Sunset in my crease and Mimosa Sunrise on my lid to create a subtle eyeshadow, I then used a fluffy blush brush and mixed together both colours for blush and highlight. I tapped the excess off to make sure it was a subtle, wearable look. I was worried the new colours, although beautiful, wouldn't be very wearable but they really are!
 I then decided to layer more highlighter and create a more intense look. I actually love this look and would definitely wear it on a night out and on holiday! I used the Sangria Sunset directly under my eye, up to my brow bone and on my temple. This is the way Rihanna likes to wear her highlighter apparently! She likes it all to blend.

Next I decide to create a similar look (with blended eyes and highlight) with the 'Poolside/7DayWknd' Killawatt Foil. Again I used a mix of both shades on my eyes and underneath to create a wash of colour over my eyes and cheeks. I love this look and think it can definitely be worn in the day time.

Now, on to the Lip Trio. You can see in the photos that I am wearing Lip glosses which complement the highlight. I picked up the Summer Nights Set which includes a Purple/Blue colour called Mermaid Thighs, a Burgandy/Green colour called Snakeskin and a Gold/Pink colour called Vacray.
The First look uses the Vacray colour. It is a pink gloss with a gold glitter shift. The glosses are very pigmented and not sticky at all! This was the colour I was most excited for and the reason I bought the trio. It is such a pretty gloss.
The second look uses the colour Mermaid Thighs. It is the perfect match for the Highlight that I used. I feel that this colour is the least wearable however I would wear it to a festival as it is still really flattering and fun.
The last colour is Snakeskin, I was most worried about this colour. I thought there was no way I would wear a green lipgloss however it is such a beautiful colour and extremely wearable. 

You can pick up the Fenty Beauty Beach Please Collection at Harvey Nichols in the UK and Sephora in the US.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

End of Exams Celebrations and Cake!

After months of stress and revision I finished my Bachelor's degree last week, and celebrated with a Bottomless Brunch with friends on Saturday! There was plenty of Prosecco and Cocktails and good food. We also celebrated with a Cake from bakerdays.
bakerdays were kind enough to send me a Letterbox Cake to celebrate the end of my exams with.

I arrived home Thursday night to find the cake had been posted through my letterbox (which is perfect as I am always missing parcels!) At first I was concerned how well the cake would hold up in the post but it had been carefully packaged in its own cake tin. The packaging and delivery of the cake was very impressive. I will definitely be keeping the tin for baking of my own.

On the bakerdays website you can choose the size, design and flavour of your cake and get it personalised. As I was celebrating the end of University I chose the Champagne design and a Congratulatory phrase and the Lemon Drizzle flavour.

The letterbox cake is a single layer small cake and is covered in fondant icing.
The cake itself was delicious and the small amount of buttercream used to stick the icing down made it so the cake was not dry at all.

There  is quite alot of icing compared to cake, but this is not a complaint as I love icing!
It was the perfect size to take with me to Brunch and for everyone to enjoy a slice.
Thank you to bakerdays for the Cake.

Use code BETHANYVICTORIA15 for 15% off bakerdays until the end of June!
Shop Graduation Cakes here:
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